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REI Presentation

Had a great day yesterday. It began with a group hike up Mt. Baldy and in the evening I gave my Everest Presentation at the new Tustin REI. Each time I give the presentation it is like reliving the events.

REI Grand Opening

Attended the REI VIP Grand Opening last night. It was fun being with so many people who love to work and play running, cycling, hiking, and climbing. And I finally got to meet David Whiting of the OC Register. He wrote several wonderful stories chronicling the Everest climb.

David Whiting of the Orange County Register

OC Metro’s Hot 25

Last evening I was honored by OC Metro as one of their “Hot 25”. It was a wonderful event and the room vibrated with positive energy. This year there were 157 non-Sherpa individuals who summited from the South Side of Everest and 6 of them were from Orange County – that’s pretty amazing!

Everest Presentation at REI

Many of you followed my Everest Blog while I was climbing to the top of the world and it was wonderful to know you were there with me – in spirit.  Now you can see the pictures that go with the story. I am giving a presentation at the new Tustin REI Store on Saturday, December 4th at 7 PM.

Attendance is free but you need to register due to limited seating. You do not need to be a REI member.

Go to “Speaking Event” and look at the REI Presentation page – there is a link to registeration.

Mt. Everest Summiteers

Yesterday I had lunch with the Orange County Mt. Everest summiteers. It was an amazing feeling: seven people who have climbed to the top of the world. A real “Power Lunch” experience!

Mike, Ryan, John, Denise, Paul, Cindy, Bill (the oldest American to summit Mt. Everest)