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Sept 8, 2010: Cal State Fullerton released their annual magazine on students, staff, and faculty who have made a difference out in the public eye. Take a look at pages 5-9. They did an amazing job this my story! Public Affairs Hightlights 2010-2011 .

June 22, 2010: article which has great information and links .

June 21, 2010: LA Times Outposts article: Very well done .

June 8, 2010: Cal State Fullerton News CSUF Alumna-Lecturer Struck With Rare Disease Summits World’s Highest Peak

Mt Everest 2010 Blog  Summit Announcement.

Everest 2010 News web site released an interview with me about climbing Mt. Everest. This web site can be used to follow my climb and keep up-to-date on the events around this year’s Mt. Everest season.

Interview  Cal State Fullerton Daily Titan

Dec 12, 2009: Mimi Ko Cruz from California State University, Fullerton was the first to released my story:  Lecturer Struck With Rare Disease Set to Reach Mountain Peak, Raise Awareness.

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