Banner on the Moon


A story of pain, perseverance, and hope.

A college instructor reaches for the unreachable – to become the first female to summit Mt Everest and complete the 1000-mile Alaskan Iditarod – all while fighting a rare, fatal disease. On a quest to raise rare disease awareness, she documents her journey with a special banner along the way.   


Banner on the Moon follows Cindy Abbott, who struggles to discover the cause of her many alarming and debilitating symptoms.  After 14 years, she’s finally diagnosed with a rare and life-threatening disease.  She sets out on an extraordinary journey not only to bring rare disease out of the darkness and into the light, but also to show how adversity can elicit hidden strength as she challenges herself to overcome one difficult feat after another… extreme endeavors of pain and perseverance.

A feature-length documentary film narrated by Golden Globe & 4-time Emmy Winner VALERIE HARPER

Directed by Renee Sotile

Executive Producers Tony Cacciotti in association with AV Productions and Silfra Creations        

84 Minutes (c) 2016

 Movie website: Banner on the Moon

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