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MT Everest 2010

MOUNT EVEREST: 29,035 ft

Trip Length: 60+ Days in the country
Dates: April 6 – June 4, 2010
Difficulty: Rating 5/5
Trip Director: Scott Woolums with Bill Allen owner and guide Mountain Trip
For advanced intermediate climbers, moderate loads (30+ lb / 13+ Kg),
long work days at extremely high elevations, 20+ hour summit day
40-70 degree snow and ice, objective hazards from seracs and ice fall
hazards associated with high altitude, glacier travel.

Climbing the highest peak in the world represents, in many ways, the culmination of a climber’s mountaineering career. The decision of whether or not to attempt it and with whom to go climb it are not to be taken lightly.

We are offering a professionally guided Everest expedition to the south side of the mountain. We provide everything to make this a successful expedition to the highest mountain in the world. Our Sherpa team is highly experienced and our American guides are the best in the industry. Our 2010 expedition will provide all the leadership and logistics necessary to climb Mt. Everest via the normal (SE Ridge) route on the Nepal side. This route has the highest success rate on the mountain. We will have our own luxury base camp, Sherpa cooks and staff. Highly supported, this team will consist of a maximum of 4 climbers per American guide, and will be supported by an average of two Sherpas per climber.

Logistical preparations are paramount on an Everest expedition, and our team will be organized and led by Scott Woolums, a five-expedition Everest veteran and one of the most experienced high altitude guides in the USA. This is an incredible opportunity for qualified climbers to join a very well organized Everest trip, with a proven and solid Sherpa team, base camp services, oxygen systems, communications, and medical support. If the weather cooperates and you put in the proper training that such an endeavor requires, we feel that our acclimatization schedule and leadership will provide you with the best possible chance for summitting.


Environmental Initiatives MINIMIZING OUR FOOTPRINT Mountain Trip has made a commitment to Low Impact Practices in all aspects of our business. We travel to some of the most beautiful and pristine areas in the world and do our best to minimize the physical and cultural footprints we leave behind. All of our expeditions practice the Leave No Trace code of ethics and we strive to make other business choices that will help make our planet an even better place to live.

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