The Top of The World!

Everest two years ago now: I had summited Everest and was back at Camp 4 alseep after the 18.5 hour around-trip suummit climb. A storm was blowing outside, but we were all safe and back in camp resting. However, we still had to get back down to base camp before we would be safe.

Everest Camp 4. Photo by Scott Woolums

One thought on “The Top of The World!”

  1. Your book captivated me and I stayed up past midnight reading it (bedtime being my only quiet time).I am in awe of you. I was touched by your love for Larry. You are so brave and strong, facing your disease and this extremely dangerous climb head-on. I am fascinated with all things Mt. Everest now. Thank you for putting me on Mt. Everest with you through your amazing book, Reaching Beyond the Clouds.

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