Birthday at the dog yard

Today is my 53rd birthday. As I type this the Mackey dogs are singing to me. I will spend the day geetting ready for Saturday’s race: packing food, mending harnesses,, and running my team. The birthday present to myself is a shower. Water has to be trucked in from town so it is not wasted with frequent bathing. Funny I spent my 51 birthday on Everest and a shower was my present. I wonder were my next birthday will be and if there is hot water – there is here :)

One thought on “Birthday at the dog yard”

  1. Cindy,
    Happy Birthday from the guy who sat next to you on the flight from Orange County to Seattle on Friday AM 1/27. Thank you for sharing a few excitng chapters of your life during our flight. It was as if I want on an adventure to Everest, Russia and to Alaska dog sledding! The pics on your site allowed me to putthe rest of your story together. Good luck on your race and I will follow your progress, and whatever the outcome ( and I know you will be succesful) I will follow your adventure. Thanks for your inspiration! ( I still think that you need to let your students know that you are not Clark Kent…..)


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