On Dennis Miller – Again!

On Rare Disease Day 2011, I was invited to share information about rare disease awareness and some of my story on The Dennis Miller Radio show. It was my first and only “live” interview and I was quite nervous. However, I was pleasently surprised at how easy and fun it was! You can listen to that interview at  Dennis Miller. Click the play button at the bottom of the Dennis Miller page.

With the release of my book, I have been invited back to share some more of my journey. If you like to listen, the interview will air on Thursday, Sept 1st at 7:30 AM (Pacific Time). Here is the link to the show and how to locate a channel in your area Dennis Miller.

One thought on “On Dennis Miller – Again!”

  1. Hi I wanted so much to listen to your Dennis Miller interview today. When I go to his site as you indicated, looks like I must pay $49.95 to do join and listen.

    Trying to learn more on this subject as sadly my husband who had Wegeners granulomatosis passed away Dec. 25 2011.

    I am devasted over the loss of my best friend of 43 years.
    I am planning on buying your book. God Bless you

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