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Joshua needs help

This is a 16 years old young man with WG that is in disparate need of a kidney. See WG can destroy almost any organ but it likes to target the kidneys.
“Praying for a living kidney donor for my oldest son, Joshua. If you’re interested in getting tested. Please contact Kate Devine at Fletcher Allen at 802-847-4774. Blood type B or O. Thank you my friends..”

Helping Spread Awareness

The OC Weekly magazine released their annual “Best Of”edition yesterday. I was selected for their “personal Best” category. You can read the story under “Media”

This type of media really helps spread the word about rare diseases.

CSUF Presentation

Today I presented “My Journey” at Cal State Fullerton’s WoMen’s Center event. It was attended by students, staff, and faculty; and many in attendance helped make by my dream of climbing Mt. Everest come true.

Dr. Rikli, Dr. Jones, me, Dr. Koser, Dr. Beam, and Dr. McMahan

Beautiful day on Mt. Baldy

Finally got back to climbing Mt. Baldy and it was a beautiful day. My friend and mentor, Dr. Beam, went with us. It was his first summit of Baldy. We also met some old friends on the way up and some new friends on the summit.

Great place to meet new friends.
Dr. Beam, me, and Larry.

Mt. Everest Summiteers

Yesterday I had lunch with the Orange County Mt. Everest summiteers. It was an amazing feeling: seven people who have climbed to the top of the world. A real “Power Lunch” experience!

Mike, Ryan, John, Denise, Paul, Cindy, Bill (the oldest American to summit Mt. Everest)